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About Us

Vman Infotech is a one-stop shop for publishing and eLearning solutions in the world. It reinvents how businesses deal with material so they can concentrate on building innovations, altering learning approaches, and increasing company agility. Vman Infotech is a global supplier of 2D/3D animation services and e-publishing services to numerous Fortune 500 corporations worldwide. The US, UK, Europe, APAC, and UAE are our principal clientele.

Our Services

E-Book & XML Conversion

E-Publishing Conversion for iPad. We are pioneers in converting original printed books to iPad e-books for various publishers.

Type Setting & PM

We are experienced in handling all type of Composition services in In-design, Frame maker, LaTex, 3B2, Math, In-Math for Both PC & MAC version.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses all marketing efforts that utilize digital channels and technologies to promote products or services ,

Editorial Services & Content Development

Unlock the power of words with our editorial services and content development solutions. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for storytelling,

Art work & Illustration Services

We have more than 5 years experienced in handling all type of illustrations for children book, Cooking, Education, Science titles and we are a preferred partner for Many Publishers

Scanning & Indexing

We have expertise in all kind of scanning like Microfilm scanning, Microfiche scanning with high resolution, format conversion, and image processing and printing.

E-Learning & Animation Services

At Vman Infotech we recognize the growing importance of e-learning and are geared up to provide effcient solutions for your e-learning requirements. Our teams deliver consistently on quality and timelines while

Web Design & App Development

Web development & app development with services" typically refers to a comprehensive range of offerings provided by a company or individual specializing in creating websites and mobile applications,

Why Vman Infotech?

Vman Infotech might depend on various factors such as their reputation, services offered, pricing, expertise, customer support, and reliability. Here are some reasons why someone might choose Vman Infotech:

Innovative Problem Solving

It involves leveraging unconventional approaches to tackle challenges and drive creative solutions.

Value Driven Approach

A value-driven approach prioritizes the alignment of actions and decisions with core principles and goals, ensuring that outcomes are meaningful and purposeful.

Flexible and Adaptive

Being flexible and adaptive means having the agility to adjust and thrive in ever-changing circumstances with ease and resilience.

Commitment Deadlines

Commitment deadlines signify a dedicated timeframe within which tasks or objectives are promised to be completed, emphasizing accountability and reliability in meeting obligations.

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What Our Client Says

Vman Infotech
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Saranya JaganathanSaranya Jaganathan
04:58 02 Apr 24
My internship at VMAN served as a pivotal moment in my educational journey, equipping me with the expertise and confidence needed to excel in the dynamic realm of information technology.
Gokila R 21UCS013Gokila R 21UCS013
04:57 02 Apr 24
During my internship at VMAN, I gained invaluable hands-on experience that greatly improved my IT skills. These experiences not only allowed me to delve deeply into various aspects of IT but also played a crucial role in significantly enhancing my skill set within the field.
Preethi KannanPreethi Kannan
17:38 29 Mar 24
VMAN INFOTECH offered me a first-class product without pompromising on quality and accuracy. Really folt Thankful
19:08 28 Mar 24
Vman Infotech e publishing and typesetting team exceeded my expectation in every way.Their expertise clear communication and supportive approach made publishing a remarkably positive experience.
Mahari AmmuMahari Ammu
16:18 28 Mar 24
Their team was expertise in typesetting and e-publishing and many of their outcomes were highly remarkable.
Harshinim 1927Harshinim 1927
15:05 28 Mar 24
Their time usage was impressive. They completed the Typesetting process quickly without compromising on quality.

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