Editorial Services

Editorial services are an integral part of any medium related to words. Adapting to different style guidelines of writing, we adhere to impeccable standards of presenting information with fact-checking, proof reading and copy-editing processes. We provide Indexing and Abstracting that make content better organised and accessible.

Copy Editing

With top-notch copy editing skills, we ensure that the message and meaning of your content is error-free understandable, concise, clear and purposeful. Our skills extent to:

Content Development


SUBJECT AREA EXPERTISE at Vman Infotech will help self-authors to sell their title into print and online format through various platforms. our content experts can work on your requirements across various subject areas including Literary, Fiction, Non-Fiction, STM, Law/Legal, Trade, scholarly, Corporate Manuals, Music Engraving, Humanities and Social Sciences, Major Reference and Encyclopedia, and K-12 and Academic TO develop your content for publishing into print and electronic format by providing Editorial, pagination, and Proofreading services. Help Researchers to publish their articles or papers into top Journals like OUP, CUP, Elsevier, RSC and others.

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Vman Infotech is one stop shop global service provider of Publishing / eLearning solutions which reinvent the way organizations works with the content to focus on developing technologies change in the learning methodologies and to enhance the business agility.

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