Type Setting

A well composed page is essential to communicate its contents well. Composition includes template creation or design that helps you organise your content visually. We specialise in digital typesetting with the latest software such as InDesign, Frame Maker, Quark Express and Latex.

We are experienced in handling all type of Composition services in In-design, Frame-maker, 3B2, Math, In-Math for Both PC & MAC version. We are expert in XML and Non XML work Flow.

Our skilled typesetters are experts at composing crisp, clean layouts that deliver your message effectively with outstanding clarity. Our typesetting skills include:



We offer pagination services for book and journals ranging from low-complex to high-complex free design projects.

Low-complex content comprises straight text without footnotes, tables and Figures.

Medium-complex content comprising text with footnotes, Figures, tables, schemes, plates, and charts. Complex content comprises double/triple/stub column with more number of tables, Figures, and equations.

High-complex content comprises free design books and four-color with or without

Project Management

We can provide end to end project management for your Publishing starts from Author Co-ordination, Input Quality Check, Project Analysis, Manuscript cleaning, Copyediting & Structuring (Technical & Language Editing), Template creation, Graphics and Typesetting, Quality Check and Final delivery as Print ready PDF.

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